Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Monday, 23 February 2015

Oh Happy Day...

Well yesterday, we baptised our family that we have been working with. 5 of them. We love them dearly, they have become our friends. We gave Peter, the father (also the man up the coconut tree in the last post) a Book of Mormon on Boxing Day and invited him to church. He came, and he has been coming ever since. We met him on the roads. The roads are so bad here and full of potholes and because he cannot get work at the moment in his trade, that is what he does and that is where we met him. His wife, Eunice, does not speak English, so we have had an interpreter with us to teach her. Peter's English is also limited. The church offer a Literacy Program so we will be able to help them both to learn English. The twins, Dora and Doris (15yrs) speak good English and understand us. We have visited them at school and a few times we have taken them, we have had the opportunity to meet their teachers and to talk to them about the gospel. Then there is Isaac, he is 12 and Ago 4, and Abaam is 2....a lovely family.The 2 younger children are not old enough to be baptised, they will have to wait until they are 8. The family will be a great asset to our little group at Tafo.

Baptism candidates, ready and  waiting for the service to start

Happy Family after the Baptism
Really Happy Family
I cannot remember what was said to make them laugh,
but I love this photo, it makes me want to laugh every time I look at it

Tafo Group who attended the Baptisms

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