Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Monday, 29 June 2015


A family at Koforidua invited us and the Sister Missionaries to come and share and help prepare a meal with them. So in true Ghanaian style, here are the photos.

Sister Mensah preparing the Plantain. This will be pounded with the Casava to make a dough which is the fufu.

Elder Brown trying to look like he's doing all the work. Sister Mensah pounded most of it.

The finished product...Fufu

ANIMALS...pigs and monkeys

One very much dead and more than one very much alive...

First - Tying the pig

One P-Day the missionaries decided to cook a pig...compliments of the 'know how' from our Samoan Elder...
Transporting the pig in the back
or our truck
Preparing the hotplate
Pig just about to meet his fate...

there's a pig under there
"ouch, those coals are hot..."
The Jawbone
Elder Nash with Elders
Gbalo and Ochieng
ready to carve up the pig
NOW FOR THE MONKEYS...which ones you say???
Elder Faga, our Chef,
making sure there's no waste
2 Monkeys...
(3 incl Sister Sanders)

3 Monkeys...

4 Monkeys...
Ta da!!    5 if you please...
How many monkeys can you juggle,
Elder Sanders?

Sister Brown in background, the closest she got to the monkeys.
They literally ran and threw themselves on you. Helped if you had bananas in your hand, I guess...