Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Monday, 23 February 2015

Oh Happy Day...

Well yesterday, we baptised our family that we have been working with. 5 of them. We love them dearly, they have become our friends. We gave Peter, the father (also the man up the coconut tree in the last post) a Book of Mormon on Boxing Day and invited him to church. He came, and he has been coming ever since. We met him on the roads. The roads are so bad here and full of potholes and because he cannot get work at the moment in his trade, that is what he does and that is where we met him. His wife, Eunice, does not speak English, so we have had an interpreter with us to teach her. Peter's English is also limited. The church offer a Literacy Program so we will be able to help them both to learn English. The twins, Dora and Doris (15yrs) speak good English and understand us. We have visited them at school and a few times we have taken them, we have had the opportunity to meet their teachers and to talk to them about the gospel. Then there is Isaac, he is 12 and Ago 4, and Abaam is 2....a lovely family.The 2 younger children are not old enough to be baptised, they will have to wait until they are 8. The family will be a great asset to our little group at Tafo.

Baptism candidates, ready and  waiting for the service to start

Happy Family after the Baptism
Really Happy Family
I cannot remember what was said to make them laugh,
but I love this photo, it makes me want to laugh every time I look at it

Tafo Group who attended the Baptisms

All in a day's work - for other people!!

Peter up the tree, getting us a coconut.
Not bad for a 42 year old!!
I did challenge Rob...

And now for the dismount...

At the Hairdressers, look closely, they burn off the excess hair,
She's only 2, she obviously knows not to move.
Paulina, neighbour of Thomas, doing her ironing.
They put hot coals in the iron, we did wonder
as so many of them don't have electricity.
...to the other
So cute, so serious, trying not to spill a drop of water.

A laborious task...
Janet preparing breakfast, she is our member that lives down
the long, long dirt road. 
Splitting Rocks

One extreme...

All in a day's work!

Out of water...
Fire Brigade to the rescue!
Backing into our driveway
The local Fire brigade
filling the Sisters Poly Tank

One day in January, the Missionaries informed us that they had run out of water! So we all checked our Poly Tanks and discovered that most of us were low. On further investigation we found out that the water had stopped flowing about 5 days ago, but it was only now that someone noticed because of course, there was no water! Elder Brown had to run around and try and find somewhere to purchase some...The best deal was with the local Fire Brigade - so they came and filled 4 Poly Tanks at 4 different Missionary apartments. By the time we got to one of them, the water was again flowing. Now we constantly check our tank, so if we have to, we can use the water sparingly. We figure on 10 days before we get into trouble...

Visiting Thomas (new member) at his farm.
The gumboots are for protection against Snakes!

This is what Cocoa looks like inside.
 The white stuff you can eat, it tastes like Mango!
 Inside that is the cocoa.
Fermented Cocoa...it is now ready for drying.
We helped Thomas transport it back to his home

Sister Kama visiting with us before her
departure next week
These lovely Sisters are at the airport.
They have finished their missions and are heading home to Nigeria.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Out and about with our Members

I love this photo! This is our Missionaries at work. This is a true picture of Africa.

Look closely. Can you see the end of the road?
This is the straightest road - a 20 minute drive
to visit with 1 member. Sometimes she walks
all this way plus more to church.

Isaac has just received his mission call. He will report to the MTC
 in 10 days  to prepare to serve a mission for the Lord in Nigeria.
Teaching moment with Elder Fryer

2 lovely ladies on left, Ama and Veronica, members of our church.
We are giving them Temple Prep classes, they do not speak English,
so we take an interpreter. Veronica's sister on right. In the next month
we hope to be able to attend the temple with them.

This is my adopted grandchild. Louisa
The parents gave me the honour of calling her after me

Mary teaching me how to play a local game.


Rob eating Fufu, Ghanaian style
How Inventive!
What can you do with Jean leg cast-offs?

Some little friends that welcome us when we park here...

Bad day in traffic, inner city.

Look closely - you'll see Bats!
Quite ironic... they are in the hospital grounds in Accra
Cocoa Nursery
Up Close and Personal!!

Harmatan- This is during the day.
The dust blocks out the sun.
This scorpion, along with others, came out of a tree
that was felled next to the chapel.
Spot the Goat (I'm surprised he didn't get strangled -
the Tro went down some bad road)
Traditional Wedding,( Bride in Headdress)


Christmas Part 2

We did not set up the Blog and uneducated us, do not know how to change layout etc. so therefore I cannot always do what I want. So more photos associated with Christmas...

Elder Kidd (left) and Elder Oguche improvising!

Kids happy with colouring books
and pencils (donations from home)
The kids all make these structures at
Christmas - a cubby house I guess.

Christopher (right) and Ransford  enjoying their Christmas
gifts. Also wooden cars donated by Missionary's brother.

The little wooden cars were mailed by a missionary's brother from the USA. He is  serving in our Zone. It was a project his brother worked on to get his Eagle Scout Award. To be given to the children of Africa. They loved them. They are happy to come to church, we are trying to re-activate this family. The father and 3 children were baptised. Christopher's mother is one of them. She has already said I can take him back to Australia with me. She said he likes me and would come!!!

Christmas with the Missionaries

Well I know Christmas has come and gone, as they say, but also realised I haven't posted anything this year! Life is getting busier...
On the 19 December we joined with the missionaries from 2 other Zones and went and did some service at a place called Jamestown. SCEF stands for Street Children Empowerment Fund? They organised a big fun day for underprivileged children and the missionaries went along and helped. Most of them are in the green T-shirts that they provided.
Musical Chairs
Face Painting

2 of our Zone trying out the Hula
Then on 20 December the Missionaries had their Christmas Day activities. they started with games at one of the Stake Centres, The African Elders love their football...followed by Lunch and then each group of missionaries performed something for us. A full day but I think they all had fun!
The pitch is a little different here
What else is a hosepipe used for?
Doing the Haka, one Kiwi in our zone