Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Monday, 28 September 2015

Temple Trips

We made a couple of trips to the Temple in September and took some of our people. For one family 4 of them were able to do Baptisms for the Dead. The mother and father have been re-activated and the 2 boys baptised a few months ago. They are the Ahovi family and they live in a village outside of Maase called Asafo. They are the only members there, so they have to travel the furthest to attend the Maase Branch. The mother said to us that she was "very happy". She had cooked rice and chop suey for us and we all shared a meal after with them on the temple grounds. It was a lovely day for us. (If we do not help with the transport, it is very hard for a family to get to Accra. It is a lot of money for them.)

L-R, Elizabeth, Edmond, Vaness, Emmanuel and Raphael

From our Maase Branch we had 2 couples 'Sealed for Time and all Eternity' and another 2 take out their Endowments. One of them is our Branch Presjdent and his wife, the other our Elders Quorum President and his wife. We were happy to be present for the occasion. A day long awaited for!

R-L Pres Bruce Owusu with wife Christiana and her  mother
 Mary, both mother and daughter rec'd their endowment today

Isaac Adjei and wife Comfort

All 4 were endowed today!

Primary Activity

At the end of August (seems months ago) but only 4 weeks, we had a Primary Activity with our 3 Branches combined. They met at Tafo chapel and we organised games and they had a chance to perform a few things they had been learning. They don't often get the opportunity to do these things. Originally the District had organised this and then it was cancelled, so we went ahead anyway. They had some fun and food and games, they were all happy. The games were a bit of challenge trying to explain to the little ones as not all of them understand us.

Pass the Parcel (envelope)
Fire on the Mountain, they call it here.
Regina (RC) Primary counselor
was enjoying it more than the kids!

Osiem Branch (not all represented)
Julius (10) conducting, is the sweetest kid
and loves to be involved, and has a thirst
for knowledge. He is a real joy!

Lydia, on left, Maase Primary President.
They perforned a small drama about Samuel and Eli
and then sang, Follow the Prophet

Tafo Branch
Most supported as held at their chapel

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Chapels in Ghana, Eastern Region

This is the new OYOKO meeting house. A 5 minute drive up the road from us. Unfortunately for us we do not get to visit this area too often, just drive past it every day. The chapel should be ready to move into it in the next week or so. The garden and car park still have to be established. It is a large block of land. The font is outside at the back of the building.

Front of Building

Chapel before pews or chairs

Classrooms on either side

On the 6 September we went out of our Zone and took a member back to the town where he was baptised. We left home at 6.30am and by the time we picked up our passengers from Maase and got to ABOMOSO it was exactly 9!!! Abomoso is where the church started up here in the bush. (As you can tell from the old yellow building). Stephen Abu is a pioneer of the church here and is mentioned in the book I am holding. He was persecuted by people during "the Freeze" and people prayed that he would die, all because he had found this church that he wouldn't deny.  His brother Doctor Kissi (who runs Deseret Hospital in Accra) wrote the book.

With Stephen Abu (middle) Branch
President and Christiana & Bruce Owusu
from Maase
I don't know how old this building is.
Check out the spire on the left (at least
I think that is what it is!)
 In contrast to the yellow building, tucked away up a dirt road, we came across this building. We saw the sign for the Church and asked our extra local passenger if it was far out of our way to go and have a look. We were so glad we did. It is an Oasis in the middle of nowhere! I think its about 2 years old. It is in a place called KWABENG. It is really lovely. You can't see from these photos, but it is off the main road and all around there are other buildings not so nice!

Front of building, man on left our guide
Side of building
Courtyard with chapel on right and
classrooms on left
middle of building


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Missionaries: past and present

Stunning Sister Sabisa, serves with us atm.
I asked to take her photo, I love this dress,
so I have one made in the style,different fabric.

Our only 4 sisters serving in the Koforidua District.
L-R, Sisters Sabisa, Mlongo, Christelle & Maduakolam
All beautiful, dedicated Missionaries

All of these Missionaries served in the Koforidua Zone
sometime during their mission. (Elder Francis far left was with us
for nearly 1 year!!)
They returned home in July: 6 to the US, 1 to NZ and 1 to SA

Elder Fryer worked with us and the 3 Groups.
He was a close neighbour, coming from NZ.

Elder King was special. He was the only one to return home
on his day. School awaited. He is from California.

Never does this photo scream at me more loudly...
Age v Beauty!
Me (a little raggy) and the beautiful Sister Kingsley
Beautiful inside and out. She has returned to Nigeria

Our 2 Aussie boys, Elder Scott on the left, from Sydney.
Elder Tukuafu from Craigieburn (he was our closest neighbour -
coming from Melbourne). We took our Aussie boys to the
Airport and waved them off!
Now there is only one Aussie in our Mission
 - recently arrived from Frankston (15 mins from where we live!)

Our new Elder Whiting on right, with his companion, Elder
Ochieng, ready to perform his first Baptism.