Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Monday, 28 September 2015

Temple Trips

We made a couple of trips to the Temple in September and took some of our people. For one family 4 of them were able to do Baptisms for the Dead. The mother and father have been re-activated and the 2 boys baptised a few months ago. They are the Ahovi family and they live in a village outside of Maase called Asafo. They are the only members there, so they have to travel the furthest to attend the Maase Branch. The mother said to us that she was "very happy". She had cooked rice and chop suey for us and we all shared a meal after with them on the temple grounds. It was a lovely day for us. (If we do not help with the transport, it is very hard for a family to get to Accra. It is a lot of money for them.)

L-R, Elizabeth, Edmond, Vaness, Emmanuel and Raphael

From our Maase Branch we had 2 couples 'Sealed for Time and all Eternity' and another 2 take out their Endowments. One of them is our Branch Presjdent and his wife, the other our Elders Quorum President and his wife. We were happy to be present for the occasion. A day long awaited for!

R-L Pres Bruce Owusu with wife Christiana and her  mother
 Mary, both mother and daughter rec'd their endowment today

Isaac Adjei and wife Comfort

All 4 were endowed today!

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