Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Thursday, 30 October 2014


Writing on wall outside our house.
The local children definitely know our name and have
been paying attention to the spelling obviously!!

Wow, look at the size of this snail.
A local delicacy. I think one would make a decent size meal...

Local children, 2 on right are members chldren.
not sure about the little 'picaninny'on left.

Check out the rain!
This happens quite a bit whilst we are teaching. We start outside in the compound,
or under a tree, and have tp move to the verandah.

The bootmaker - Jacob, a member, there was probably about 15 of us
just çhilling'...there are always plenty of spectators.

The new shower block!
Felicia, with her bag of wares

This is a common sight when we are visiting. We quite often see someone sleeping on the bench. On the left is Felicia's new shower block and on the right is the kitchen. Most people cook outdoors, over a few coals in big pots. (Will post some photo's next time). Felicia has a bag of second-hand clothing, sheets and towels, which she will sell. We are not too sure how the system works for resale. We know she purchases it, not sure who sells it to her.  But this is our clothing that gets donated from countries like USA, Great Britain and Australia via the  Charities.( I have seen Marks and Spencers on some of the clothing) The African people buy it for a price? and sell it. This is how they make some money. Everyone works here, doing something. You don't work - you don't eat!! A lot of people we work with go to their farms everyday. They grow Plantain, Maize (corn), Cassava and Cocoa. These are the main staples in their diet. We are going native now, Rob cooked up some Plantain (like green bananas) the last few nights and fried it in oil...it tastes like potato chips.

this is not fruit...they make musical instruments outs of them


Village at the top of the mountain.
There is also a school and church
(not quite as we'd know it)
Vodafone Towers, up close
We can see these from our window
On Monday, our P-Day we drove to the top of the mountain...this is the mountain we can see from our home and which we have been meaning to drive up for a while...well this is what we saw!!
This is the road, or what's left of it!
It sees bitumen once and then it gets left to fend for itself!

At the top of the mountain - hardly recognisable.
 I wonder how long it has been there?
MAIZE (corn) growing on the mountain
People live on the mountain
and produce crops to exist.

A view of Koforidua

A higher view of Koforidua
It would take an hour (maybe longer) to walk up the mountain, its very steep. We saw a taxi coming back, laden with goods. The people have to get out and walk sometimes and guide the taxi driver which part of the road to take. It's unbelievable. It's tough going in our 4WD, but you should see the taxi's...We stopped to give a lady a lift, she had a huge bag of produce on her head, a baby on her back, she then motioned for a man further back to come, we had passed him with 2 goats, for a while we thought Oh Oh...we hadn't bargained on the goats...but all was well, he just left the goats halfway down the hillside and jumped in our vehicle. They live on the mountain and come to the bottom to sell their produce and then they will walk back. All in the heat!! Their fitness level must be great...I DO NOT wish to exchange places! Trust me they are very grateful for anything we do for them. We also gave a lift to a couple of people on the way up, sometimes I think they feel quite excited and honoured when the OBRUNI does something for them. They all have a lovely dispositon, and they all smile a lot.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Previous Sunday

Labida Beach Resort. Looks nice, hey?

As we were in Accra this weekend, (General Conference Weekend) and because traffic is better for driving, we went and looked at the coastline, (photo's already posted previously).
We also looked through a resort at Labida Beach.

A church member made this outfit for me...
Me in Local Dress - FRONT
BACK, not my best shot...
(coastline off to right)

We went visiting one day during the week ....every day we meet new people. The people in Subriso Village were very happy to see us, we hope to visit again this week and teach them more about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Land set aside for Chapel at Maase (when they become a Branch)
with Maase Group Leader, Bruce Owusu
 and missionary for the day... Newman

The Great White Hunter aka Elder Brown,
off to visit members in Subriso Village, part of Maase area
Some Long Lost members in Subriso Village

Sunday - The Big Day Out!

Dorcas - isn't she lovely?
She made the dress herself!
How good are the matching
accessories, I couldn't have
 done better myself (haha)
Relief Society Sisters in Maase
First R/S in quite a number of years
We started the day off at one of our groups, Maase, for our Sacrament Meeting, We invited the District Relief Society President, so for the second hour, Elder Brown took a Priesthood class and we had a R/S class.We then went on to Tafo for some baptisms, and finished the day off visiting at Osiem. Oh yes, not quite, we also went to Mamfe to collect a sister (Matilda), previously pictured opening her mission call. She has just been doing a Mini-Mission as they were a sister short. (She will enter the MTC this Friday and serve her mission for 18 months in Kumasi, Ghana). More photos and info on that to follow...

Emmanuel, just turned 6...
Way too cute!

Bannerman (Tafo Group Leader)
and wife Beatrice, and son Emmanuel.

Beatrice (Tafo Group Leader's wife) and Florence
(District Relief Society President)

We had 7 baptisms today, 6 children from a few different families and 1 adult woman. Her husband was baptised a couple of weeks before we arrived.

As pictures speak more than words, I like to use them.!!

First One In!!!

This is Agnesteria being baptised by her  husband, Kofi 
Everyone who attended the baptismal service
(Spot the Obruni...)



6 in the Back

and 4 in the Front

Friday, 10 October 2014

2 Months

Meet Sharon, she is from Holland,
 her money is financing the sewerage pit
 for the Live Now Clinic, located at Tinkong.
Sharon helps down in the pit
with the actual laying of the bricks!
The 'Live Now' Clinic, waiting for customers

We first met Sharon at the Aburi Wood Carving Market whilst we were visiting there when our missionaries were teaching someone. She is only 23 years old and a remarkable young woman who is here for 3 Months and is putting her money into building this pit for the Live Now Clinic. Her Uncle founded the clinic, we went and had a look around, it is about a 15 minute drive from Koforidua. It is really well laid out, and well equipped. We were really impressed with the quality of the structure and the kindness of Sharon and her Uncle for the good work they are doing to help the local people. Not everyone in Ghana can afford medical attention. Good quality medical attention is not readily available in small villages like this one. They are also planning a School and Hospital and Mortuary.


Not sure what's in the bag...
Possibly clothing...
A new pole for a TV antenna



You would be absolutely amazed at some of the things we see the women carrying. Everything gets carried on the head. The weight of some of these things is really astounding. We don't know how they do it!

Independence Square

These modern buildings are quite
out of place with the rest of the landscape
Freedom and Justice Arch
NOW FOR A FEW CITY SHOTS: We were told the traffic is not so bad on Sundays in Accra, so we had a drive around the city, and down to the water. This is what we saw!
Look Nice...

These are all fishing boats on the ocean

Well, look twice!!