Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Thursday, 30 October 2014


Village at the top of the mountain.
There is also a school and church
(not quite as we'd know it)
Vodafone Towers, up close
We can see these from our window
On Monday, our P-Day we drove to the top of the mountain...this is the mountain we can see from our home and which we have been meaning to drive up for a while...well this is what we saw!!
This is the road, or what's left of it!
It sees bitumen once and then it gets left to fend for itself!

At the top of the mountain - hardly recognisable.
 I wonder how long it has been there?
MAIZE (corn) growing on the mountain
People live on the mountain
and produce crops to exist.

A view of Koforidua

A higher view of Koforidua
It would take an hour (maybe longer) to walk up the mountain, its very steep. We saw a taxi coming back, laden with goods. The people have to get out and walk sometimes and guide the taxi driver which part of the road to take. It's unbelievable. It's tough going in our 4WD, but you should see the taxi's...We stopped to give a lady a lift, she had a huge bag of produce on her head, a baby on her back, she then motioned for a man further back to come, we had passed him with 2 goats, for a while we thought Oh Oh...we hadn't bargained on the goats...but all was well, he just left the goats halfway down the hillside and jumped in our vehicle. They live on the mountain and come to the bottom to sell their produce and then they will walk back. All in the heat!! Their fitness level must be great...I DO NOT wish to exchange places! Trust me they are very grateful for anything we do for them. We also gave a lift to a couple of people on the way up, sometimes I think they feel quite excited and honoured when the OBRUNI does something for them. They all have a lovely dispositon, and they all smile a lot.

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