Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Monday, 30 November 2015

Soon to be Missionaries...

Sharing the happy news with his brother
Aaron Sarpong receiving his mission call.

Guess where? Cote D'Ivoire
Abidjan West Mission
Interview with our Mission President, President Heid

Confidence Mensah with his 5 brothers
They were all sealed today in the temple for time and all eternity
to their deceased father
Waiting outside President Heid's office

Slight hiccup on the day of sealing... 1 8yr old had
not been baptised, Quick change of clothing, over to the
Christianborg Chapel at the temple site and
Bob's your uncle!!!
The the sealing went ahead.

Confidence leaving for the MTC today, saying goodbye to some of his family

Confidence arriving at the MTC in Tema, Ghana

 Both these young men are from the Effiduase Branch in the Koforidua District.  They have already been serving as Branch missionaries while they have been waiting for their passports and mission calls. Confidence is off to Liberia and currently in the MTC and Aaron will go to the MTC in December.

Last week

With the Webster's - they have just arrived from Sydney
Sister Webster is originally from NZ and Elder Webster is originally from Yorkshire in the UK
Met Elder Webster for the first time at "Thanksgiving Dinner" - yum!

Suhum Chapel under construction
(part of the Koforidua District)

Baptism of Richard from Osiem
His mother was baptised a few months ago

Celebrating another family members birthday. Isaac turned 13 today
... the tie was a gift, he doesn't usually wear it with his t-shirt!

Family of 8, 10 including us!!! Eunice pounding the fufu.
 Check out her hair - so cute.

Trader in Accra, selling snorkels, another cute and colourful picture!

Friends and Family

Janet and Patricia enjoying the thought of sleeping on their
new mattress that a friend of one of the missionarys has provided

Patricia (only 2) cutting her own food!!

Abaam's 3rd birthday. The  Sister Ago is the last birthday, in
January, just before we leave, she has had to wait for her cake!

Drying the cocoa. Investigator friend of Moses and Janet

Robert and Roberta

Last week in October

Confidence Mensah with his mother, Rejoice
(Just been to the temple for the first time)
Confidence will serve his mission in Liberia
All the Senior Sisters (and one ring-in) had the opportunity
to have a special meeting with Sisters Bednar and Hallstrom
during their visit to Accra.

Donated eye glasses
Doctors from the USA donate their time and services

Sister Wilde and I, she has returned to the States now

Elder Fesolai (from Frankston
- our closest neighbour)

Monday, 2 November 2015

A bit of everything!

                                                                       New Osiem Building.
(they used to meet in one or two
rooms in a school, so this is a huge improvement for them. Although the numbers are rising fast and it is almost too small for them already!)

Our little 'Mexican' in Elder Brown's hat
(aka Abaam)
Sakyi (a member from the Maase Branch)
making charcoal

cracking the cassava

Eric, new member of 2 wks
at his shoe repair shop
First President of Ghana
His final resting place
The grave is inside the building
We drove up one evening to find our local kids staging this salute for us?
Like deer caught in the headlights.

The Coffin Shop
(no I did not say coffee....)

Food Bazaar

Last month the District had an activity whereby each Branch had to prepare a
local dish and we all participated in the eating. There was also music and dancing.
It was a big success!


Crabs cooking

Check out the Relief Society T-shirts for the District
(the men seem to like them too!!)

2 hungry missionaries...
Elders Radmall and Bodily
Let the fun begin...

           WAITING FOR FOOD                     

This is Fufu with some sort of meat stew

       FINISHED  FOOD      

I'm embarrased to say I don't know
the names for the food, except the Fufu.