Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Monday, 30 November 2015

Soon to be Missionaries...

Sharing the happy news with his brother
Aaron Sarpong receiving his mission call.

Guess where? Cote D'Ivoire
Abidjan West Mission
Interview with our Mission President, President Heid

Confidence Mensah with his 5 brothers
They were all sealed today in the temple for time and all eternity
to their deceased father
Waiting outside President Heid's office

Slight hiccup on the day of sealing... 1 8yr old had
not been baptised, Quick change of clothing, over to the
Christianborg Chapel at the temple site and
Bob's your uncle!!!
The the sealing went ahead.

Confidence leaving for the MTC today, saying goodbye to some of his family

Confidence arriving at the MTC in Tema, Ghana

 Both these young men are from the Effiduase Branch in the Koforidua District.  They have already been serving as Branch missionaries while they have been waiting for their passports and mission calls. Confidence is off to Liberia and currently in the MTC and Aaron will go to the MTC in December.

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  1. That's fabulous. I love that you have kept a blog. I have one and have yet to enter info, so this is giving me some inspiration. Thank you so much. Will read more, but just wanted to acknowledge the great job you and Elder Brown are doing.
    Sister Webster