Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Monday, 24 August 2015


After the Helping Hands Project
Our 3 Branches helped at the Tafo Hospital
Weeding, cleaning gutters, washing windows

The Font will be outside with a seperate bathroom close by

The new Oyoko Chapel, the Spire waiting to be placed
Temple Missionary couple, the Parkes
Peter, with his ever present grin, fixing our generator

KB hears our vehicle and comes running out and gives us
a hug. His dad drives a taxi

Newman' pounding'the fufu and me 'turning'
you've got to time it so he doesn't hit your hand

The Branch President cooked up a big meal of fufu and pig
(this was bought by the missionaries) as a farewell meal for
some of the missionaries gong home

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Taking our family to the Temple

The children have vacated from school for their long school holidays, and they had been asking us if we could take them to the Temple and their Grandmothers house in Prampram. So we loaded the whole family into the vehicle and off we went. This is no mean feat, Quite a bit of organising to get them there!!
We arose at 4am and Elder Brown went off to pick them all up from Tafo. Then one he dropped off at the tro tro station (we felt 2 should have travelled  in the tro, but nobody wanted to) ...so that left us with 8 in the vehicle from Koforidua to Accra. We went to the temple first in Accra and then took them on another 60-70km to Prampram.They all squashed in. So it was a big day. Arrived home about 7pm.

6am, early morning mist on the mountain,
taken as I am walking down the track,
 Rob has already collected the Tetteh Family
Ghana Temple

Enjoying my banana bread
Family of Seven
 Eunice did Baptisms for the first time,
the 3 on left, this is their 3rd time!
Not bad as they were just baptised in Feb.
Early start, the kids catching up on
their sleep

At Prampram - we had all 10 of us in the car at some stage...

We took the family to visit Peter's mother.
Peter hadn't seen his mother in a couple of years.
The grandchildren will stay for a month to visit

Father of the Bride

This was an unexpected event...On Saturday 8 August, on our one year anniversary in Ghana, Elder Brown had the privilege of walking Theresa down the aisle in the Presbyterian Church in Adweso. We had been introduced to Theresa and Raymond the previous Sunday by our missionaries. We had the chance to meet Raymond's family and had a lovely visit.  Theresa is from Sweden, half Chilean, and she had met Raymond when she came to Ghana to do some volunteer work and stayed with a host family. One thing led to another...
Theresa is a member of the church and has been to Ghana 5 times now. I think they were hoping to marry in Sweden, but as there was no visa forthcoming, they married in Ghana. Elder Brown felt an inadequate substitute, as none of her family were in attendance, but I think she was happy she had someone to walk her down the aisle.

Standing in as Father of the Bride

Parents of the Groom

Front of the church

We had a lovely day, the weather was kind to Theresa, not too hot! An interesting fact about the cake. They decorate it all up, but nobody (except me) ate the icing. Ghanaians find it too sweet!!

Saying their vows
Cutting the cake

The Happy Couple

Monday, 17 August 2015

Home sweet home

Back of house.
Corn didn't bear anything. we didn't get
the rain we expected!
Cassava on left, orange in middle
and Avocado tree on right
One of our three Avocado trees
Side of house...our nearly dead corn
Best View, Front Garden
Front gate
Our plantain trees, they have not
produced much fruit to date...
Coaxing down the Tangerines

Our Groups become BRANCHES

Well the long awaited day, especially for Maase, has come! On June 21 Maase officially became a Branch and on June 28, Osiem and Tafo also received Branch status. So a very momentous 2 weeks!

We were very excited and glad that we were able to be present for all 3 occasions.

MAASE (Branch Pres Owusu far left, next to him,
 Pres Osei-Adjei, counselor in the District Presidency)

TAFO  (Pres Agyapong, far left, counselor
in the District Presidency)

OSIEM  (Branch Pres Adusei standing next to me at back.)

The people in our life!

Lydia was baptised on 19 April at age 19
and 1 month later is our new Primary President!
She is doing a great job!

Lydia's mother, in their kitchen

Julius, far right, is the only member from his family.
We have just given him the D&C story book.
He is happy...the twin girls also attend church.

Bogged!! Elder Brown to the rescue, along with others.
This is the Tontro road...they couldn't pass anyway...

A little muddy...

Janet, Moses and baby Roberta...

Here, we find our own fun!

You wouldn't think she was sick judging by that smile.
She is in Tafo Hospital with malaria.
Alice with her mother Mary, another RC

How big is that dolly/baby!
We love Jennifer, she is the cutest...

Elder Okeke, testing out his keyboard skills.
It's great to have music in the Branch.

Ago (left) and Abaam, Elder Brown has been swinging
them around, they are feigning dizziness.

Bunso Canopy Walk

Haven't had the internet for nearly 2 months. So hence no photo's, but back with a vengeance today...

In June we went to a canopy walk in some gardens in a place called Bunso. It might not look too high, but a little scary. A little worried it might collapse. So saying, we heard a rumour that it did collapse not long after, not sure of the actual facts... It is very close to where we work with our members. We took another senior couple and a couple of missionaries.

The guide showed us this tree called the Monkey Pot tree, it was all very interesting.

Check out the roots, they are hollow...

That's our guide, so you can see the size of the roots.
Cashew tree,
 the cashew grows on the top of the fruit,
 only one,
you can see why they are so expensive!
Find the monkey pot...
I think this is Brazil nuts
Pepppercorn tree