Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Taking our family to the Temple

The children have vacated from school for their long school holidays, and they had been asking us if we could take them to the Temple and their Grandmothers house in Prampram. So we loaded the whole family into the vehicle and off we went. This is no mean feat, Quite a bit of organising to get them there!!
We arose at 4am and Elder Brown went off to pick them all up from Tafo. Then one he dropped off at the tro tro station (we felt 2 should have travelled  in the tro, but nobody wanted to) ...so that left us with 8 in the vehicle from Koforidua to Accra. We went to the temple first in Accra and then took them on another 60-70km to Prampram.They all squashed in. So it was a big day. Arrived home about 7pm.

6am, early morning mist on the mountain,
taken as I am walking down the track,
 Rob has already collected the Tetteh Family
Ghana Temple

Enjoying my banana bread
Family of Seven
 Eunice did Baptisms for the first time,
the 3 on left, this is their 3rd time!
Not bad as they were just baptised in Feb.
Early start, the kids catching up on
their sleep

At Prampram - we had all 10 of us in the car at some stage...

We took the family to visit Peter's mother.
Peter hadn't seen his mother in a couple of years.
The grandchildren will stay for a month to visit

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