Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Father of the Bride

This was an unexpected event...On Saturday 8 August, on our one year anniversary in Ghana, Elder Brown had the privilege of walking Theresa down the aisle in the Presbyterian Church in Adweso. We had been introduced to Theresa and Raymond the previous Sunday by our missionaries. We had the chance to meet Raymond's family and had a lovely visit.  Theresa is from Sweden, half Chilean, and she had met Raymond when she came to Ghana to do some volunteer work and stayed with a host family. One thing led to another...
Theresa is a member of the church and has been to Ghana 5 times now. I think they were hoping to marry in Sweden, but as there was no visa forthcoming, they married in Ghana. Elder Brown felt an inadequate substitute, as none of her family were in attendance, but I think she was happy she had someone to walk her down the aisle.

Standing in as Father of the Bride

Parents of the Groom

Front of the church

We had a lovely day, the weather was kind to Theresa, not too hot! An interesting fact about the cake. They decorate it all up, but nobody (except me) ate the icing. Ghanaians find it too sweet!!

Saying their vows
Cutting the cake

The Happy Couple

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