Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Monday, 17 August 2015

The people in our life!

Lydia was baptised on 19 April at age 19
and 1 month later is our new Primary President!
She is doing a great job!

Lydia's mother, in their kitchen

Julius, far right, is the only member from his family.
We have just given him the D&C story book.
He is happy...the twin girls also attend church.

Bogged!! Elder Brown to the rescue, along with others.
This is the Tontro road...they couldn't pass anyway...

A little muddy...

Janet, Moses and baby Roberta...

Here, we find our own fun!

You wouldn't think she was sick judging by that smile.
She is in Tafo Hospital with malaria.
Alice with her mother Mary, another RC

How big is that dolly/baby!
We love Jennifer, she is the cutest...

Elder Okeke, testing out his keyboard skills.
It's great to have music in the Branch.

Ago (left) and Abaam, Elder Brown has been swinging
them around, they are feigning dizziness.

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  1. These are the important people, especially the little ones.