Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Monday, 17 August 2015

Bunso Canopy Walk

Haven't had the internet for nearly 2 months. So hence no photo's, but back with a vengeance today...

In June we went to a canopy walk in some gardens in a place called Bunso. It might not look too high, but a little scary. A little worried it might collapse. So saying, we heard a rumour that it did collapse not long after, not sure of the actual facts... It is very close to where we work with our members. We took another senior couple and a couple of missionaries.

The guide showed us this tree called the Monkey Pot tree, it was all very interesting.

Check out the roots, they are hollow...

That's our guide, so you can see the size of the roots.
Cashew tree,
 the cashew grows on the top of the fruit,
 only one,
you can see why they are so expensive!
Find the monkey pot...
I think this is Brazil nuts
Pepppercorn tree

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