Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Thursday, 30 October 2014


Writing on wall outside our house.
The local children definitely know our name and have
been paying attention to the spelling obviously!!

Wow, look at the size of this snail.
A local delicacy. I think one would make a decent size meal...

Local children, 2 on right are members chldren.
not sure about the little 'picaninny'on left.

Check out the rain!
This happens quite a bit whilst we are teaching. We start outside in the compound,
or under a tree, and have tp move to the verandah.

The bootmaker - Jacob, a member, there was probably about 15 of us
just çhilling'...there are always plenty of spectators.

The new shower block!
Felicia, with her bag of wares

This is a common sight when we are visiting. We quite often see someone sleeping on the bench. On the left is Felicia's new shower block and on the right is the kitchen. Most people cook outdoors, over a few coals in big pots. (Will post some photo's next time). Felicia has a bag of second-hand clothing, sheets and towels, which she will sell. We are not too sure how the system works for resale. We know she purchases it, not sure who sells it to her.  But this is our clothing that gets donated from countries like USA, Great Britain and Australia via the  Charities.( I have seen Marks and Spencers on some of the clothing) The African people buy it for a price? and sell it. This is how they make some money. Everyone works here, doing something. You don't work - you don't eat!! A lot of people we work with go to their farms everyday. They grow Plantain, Maize (corn), Cassava and Cocoa. These are the main staples in their diet. We are going native now, Rob cooked up some Plantain (like green bananas) the last few nights and fried it in oil...it tastes like potato chips.

this is not fruit...they make musical instruments outs of them

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