Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Monday, 28 September 2015

Primary Activity

At the end of August (seems months ago) but only 4 weeks, we had a Primary Activity with our 3 Branches combined. They met at Tafo chapel and we organised games and they had a chance to perform a few things they had been learning. They don't often get the opportunity to do these things. Originally the District had organised this and then it was cancelled, so we went ahead anyway. They had some fun and food and games, they were all happy. The games were a bit of challenge trying to explain to the little ones as not all of them understand us.

Pass the Parcel (envelope)
Fire on the Mountain, they call it here.
Regina (RC) Primary counselor
was enjoying it more than the kids!

Osiem Branch (not all represented)
Julius (10) conducting, is the sweetest kid
and loves to be involved, and has a thirst
for knowledge. He is a real joy!

Lydia, on left, Maase Primary President.
They perforned a small drama about Samuel and Eli
and then sang, Follow the Prophet

Tafo Branch
Most supported as held at their chapel

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