Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Missionaries: past and present

Stunning Sister Sabisa, serves with us atm.
I asked to take her photo, I love this dress,
so I have one made in the style,different fabric.

Our only 4 sisters serving in the Koforidua District.
L-R, Sisters Sabisa, Mlongo, Christelle & Maduakolam
All beautiful, dedicated Missionaries

All of these Missionaries served in the Koforidua Zone
sometime during their mission. (Elder Francis far left was with us
for nearly 1 year!!)
They returned home in July: 6 to the US, 1 to NZ and 1 to SA

Elder Fryer worked with us and the 3 Groups.
He was a close neighbour, coming from NZ.

Elder King was special. He was the only one to return home
on his day. School awaited. He is from California.

Never does this photo scream at me more loudly...
Age v Beauty!
Me (a little raggy) and the beautiful Sister Kingsley
Beautiful inside and out. She has returned to Nigeria

Our 2 Aussie boys, Elder Scott on the left, from Sydney.
Elder Tukuafu from Craigieburn (he was our closest neighbour -
coming from Melbourne). We took our Aussie boys to the
Airport and waved them off!
Now there is only one Aussie in our Mission
 - recently arrived from Frankston (15 mins from where we live!)

Our new Elder Whiting on right, with his companion, Elder
Ochieng, ready to perform his first Baptism.

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