Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Monday, 9 February 2015

Christmas Part 2

We did not set up the Blog and uneducated us, do not know how to change layout etc. so therefore I cannot always do what I want. So more photos associated with Christmas...

Elder Kidd (left) and Elder Oguche improvising!

Kids happy with colouring books
and pencils (donations from home)
The kids all make these structures at
Christmas - a cubby house I guess.

Christopher (right) and Ransford  enjoying their Christmas
gifts. Also wooden cars donated by Missionary's brother.

The little wooden cars were mailed by a missionary's brother from the USA. He is  serving in our Zone. It was a project his brother worked on to get his Eagle Scout Award. To be given to the children of Africa. They loved them. They are happy to come to church, we are trying to re-activate this family. The father and 3 children were baptised. Christopher's mother is one of them. She has already said I can take him back to Australia with me. She said he likes me and would come!!!

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