Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Monday, 23 February 2015

All in a day's work!

Out of water...
Fire Brigade to the rescue!
Backing into our driveway
The local Fire brigade
filling the Sisters Poly Tank

One day in January, the Missionaries informed us that they had run out of water! So we all checked our Poly Tanks and discovered that most of us were low. On further investigation we found out that the water had stopped flowing about 5 days ago, but it was only now that someone noticed because of course, there was no water! Elder Brown had to run around and try and find somewhere to purchase some...The best deal was with the local Fire Brigade - so they came and filled 4 Poly Tanks at 4 different Missionary apartments. By the time we got to one of them, the water was again flowing. Now we constantly check our tank, so if we have to, we can use the water sparingly. We figure on 10 days before we get into trouble...

Visiting Thomas (new member) at his farm.
The gumboots are for protection against Snakes!

This is what Cocoa looks like inside.
 The white stuff you can eat, it tastes like Mango!
 Inside that is the cocoa.
Fermented Cocoa...it is now ready for drying.
We helped Thomas transport it back to his home

Sister Kama visiting with us before her
departure next week
These lovely Sisters are at the airport.
They have finished their missions and are heading home to Nigeria.

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