Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Josh & Kristen's visit to Ghana

In January Josh and Kristen came for a visit to Ghana for 10 days, so we had a whirlwind visit to take them around the countryside and try to also show them what we had been doing for the last 18months and where we had been serving, and meeting some of our new found friends.

With some of our Osiem friends

Buying a drum, we also bought a BIG one...
Check out the guys t-shirt... Aussie Aussie Aussie, oy oy oy!

Catching up with Faustina Mensah. a sister missionary serving in the
Cape Coast Mission who comes from Koforidua originally.

Cape Coast, a lot of fishing is done here

Another canopy walk, this time higher and 7 stretches...
As we drove up North to see elephants, the landscape changes and the
housing also. They live in round huts. The population becomes more Muslim
and less Christian.


We spent a couple of days in Mole National Park. As soon as we arrived we
took a small safari tour and saw antelopes and 2 elephants on our first night!!

Our guide, with his gun, just in case the elephant charged us...

This elephant was quite close to us, it is very different seeing them in the wild,
crashing through the undergrowth and knocking down tree branches with their trunks.

Coming down to the water to drink and bathe
We saw 10 all up in the water by the time we left.

Elephant prints

These 3 elephants totally surprised us by crossing over the
main road close to the Mole Lodge, they were so close
and the one in the front was huge...scary! 

Mummy and baby 

Kris and I at Jamestown.
This is on the ocean, the people live on the beach and fish
for a living

Josh found a store with his name

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