Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Sunday, 27 March 2016

January 2016

Just another nail...we've pulled quite a few of these out of our tyres over the
last 18 months....2 flat tyres in 1 day!!

Stephen Owusu and Aaron Sarpong at the MTC (both from Koforidua)

The Ahovi Family and Wisdom playing with Lego received from grandson of a
Senior Couple serving in Accra that visited Ghana and distributed donations of
Lego to an orphanage and other children.

Our little namesake, Luisa, already one year old
and just starting to walk...

Paulina, a neighbour of one of our members, cutting us some plantain

We were so happy to be able to take this family to the temple before we left
so they could be sealed to each other and their children, for time and all eternity.
It was such a long day for them, so by the time this took place, KB was sleeping
and Luisa (pictured above walking) was screaming.

Who wears it best?
Elder Brown or Elder Taylor?

Sleeping Beauty
Our beautiful little Jennifer, tired after church.

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