Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Sunday, 7 September 2014

First week in September

Wow, time is flying, already been here for one month!! We are getting familiar with the roads and the way things work here. I might have to do a few posts, I can only post so many photos in one hit.

Last Monday, P Day for the missionaries, we took 4 of them from the Effiduase area up to Boti Falls and Umbrella Rock. The going got a bit steep down to the Rock, so me and Elder Brown drove around whilst the missionaries hiked it...The falls were really impressive, a lot of mist and a lot of water!!


Me with a few of the locals, the kids like having their picture taken with the OBRUNI (white man/woman)

On Thursday, on our way back from Tafo and visiting people, the rain came down again, and this is what the roads looked like...a river!

On Tuesday we drove down to Accra. When we go, we visit the temple and go to the Mission Office and pick up supplies for Missionaries in our area, we have 26 in the Koforidua area, and we shop!! We can't buy everything we need in Koforidua, so we food shop in Accra where they have better supermarkets... always a bit of a nightmare, traffic wise. More fog - we thought we were in Melbourne on the way down. It takes us about 2 hours to get there, and this time it took us about an hour to get out of the city on the way home, then when we hit the mountain road, the traffic clears.

This is the road at 7.30am, it does clear though, this is because we are in the mountains...
The areas we are visiting are mainly rural and so we have been seeing lots of different produce...

This is Plantain, not Bananas, they need to be cooked...

Am I the only one who thought pineapples grew on trees?

Coconuts, I think they are different from the ones in Australia.



                                               AND NOW FOR SOME LIVESTOCK!!

This is a pretty common sight in the country,
 usually goats, chickens and dogs...

Check out the 2 colours on these goats,
 this was leaving the city of Accra.

This is a photo at church today...We visited the group at OSIEM...This is the place where they meet.It is 1 room in a school, very basic.  I took a photo before all the members arrived. Today was a good day with 20 of us in total! We still felt the spirit and we were able to bear testimony to the fact that the church is the same all over the world, it doesn't matter in what circumstances we meet. We felt very humbled to be there. The people are all so friendly and welcoming and happy...There were 5 children, they don't have primary, we took them outside and taught them 3 songs from the Primary hymnbook and asked them what they knew about Jesus, and that was our primary lesson. Only 2 of the older boys were really good in their English, so we spoke to them and asked them to encourage the younger ones to join in. By the end of class, we had a half dozen ring-ins, when the children outside saw us, they came over to see what we were doing. We had a good day, they enjoyed singing the song 'Do as I'm Doing', with all the actions...Next time we will go prepared to do more with them.

We are starting to get to know some members and they are taking us around visiting. We have had the opportunity to meet some investigators with the missionaries and we sit in on lessons. The people in Ghana are very religious. They all believe in God. The problem here is there are so many churches, introduced by man, basically anyone can form their own church, and they make up their own doctrine. As I'm sitting at the computer I can hear the one over the road doing a bit of chanting etc. our windows are always open and so the sound carries...maybe one day we'll go over and see what's going on!!

Love to everybody, hope you all have a good week...

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