Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Monday, 22 September 2014

2 weeks later...

Well life is starting to get busier as we are meeting new people and teaching. We are planning on teaching an English class to some of the members in the Koforidua Branch. We are all prepared to go, we just need some names from the Branch President. Also we plan to teach Temple Preparation classes to members on Saturday afternoons, with 2 of our small groups at Tafo and Maase. We have planned a temple day for them on the 4th October, along with members from Osiem. For some it will be a big sacrifice of time and money to travel. Even though it is only a couple of hours away, not everyone can afford the trip. The Branch will probably subsidise some of it.

Driving takes a big chunk out of our day wherever we go. We leave mid-morning, or sometimes very early morning, 6am!  and don't come back until about 6pm, most days.

Some photo's:

This is the first day the Missionaries took us shopping, But, don't be fooled...there are only a few places like this in Accra, this is the Accra Mall. I think this shopping centre has only been here 4 years.
Elder Brown with Elder Fausett, one of the Office Elders

Now this is something you don't see coming down the Street everyday!!!
This is a shop I think, the wall in the forefront is the church building. I could've got a better shot, it was coming straight at us in the car, but by then the road would have been blocked off to get in the church carpark, so I had to sacrifice to get to church on time (haha). Actually I have missed so many great photo opportunites, I have started keeping my phone next to me in the car, because by the time I get the phone out of my bag, the opportunity has gone.

Atsu (pronounced Achoo) picking Avocados from one of our trees.

Not the best shot of Atsu, with the branch nearly chopping of his head. He is a member of the church and lives not far from us, he sells the avocados and that helps him earn some money. He very kindly washes our car for us. We had him and his friend Lawrence over for a meal in return.They are both wonderful young men and they plan to serve missions in the near future. They are very strong YSA and we feel humbled by them.

This is the font at the back of the church building at MAMFE. Elder Nash (left) baptised these 3 people, 2 of them are 17yr olds.


Waiting with nervous apprehension......and then we changed Barber's shop. Oh Oh...

We taught Naomi and 4 other girls from the ALL SHALL PASS BEAUTY SALON, and then Rob asked her to cut his hair. She said yes, but it is very different cutting Whites hair and blokes, so she changed her mind. We didn't realise what was going on at first and after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing to a neighbouring shop, she decided to ask a fellow from the barbers shop to step in and do it.
What do you think???
Rob with new haircut, Naomi and the newly recruited  Barber!!

Run out of room, more to follow, in another post.

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