Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Monday, 4 April 2016

Goodbye to Ghana (2)

I lied, this is the final post!! couldn't get all the photos in the last one....

George Darkwahene and wife Helina from Osiem
2 babies in front, one is theirs and one is a grandchild

Derek from Tafo, not baptised yet, but he hopes to be one day

Philomena Ofori's mum
(Philomena is serving a mission in Kumasi)
Our Tafo missionaries at the time of our leaving
Elder George and Elder Whiting
Our other 2 Tafo missionaries at time of leaving
Elder Bailey and Elder Lafo (our MTC buddy)

A welcome surprise to find Brother Gbalo in Accra
He served his mission with us but had returned to Cote D'Ivoire
and now is back doing the PEF program.
Our last chance to wish him all the best.
Although Ama couldn''t speak English (and we couldn't speak
Twi) we saw Ama often and took her to the temple.

John Katar from Tafo
(one of the first people we knew from the beginning)

Jacob Appiah (from Tafo)
...I'd walk a million miles for one of them smiles...
He had the best smile, he was our greeter!!!

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