Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Grand Durbar

Chiefs being carried
Senior Couples vehicles all lined up at the event
Chief as part of the procession
Singing and Dancing their way into the grounds

The last day of the Kente Festival, was the Grand Durbar. This was held in Kpetoe, all the Chiefs and Queen Mothers from surrounding towns and villages attend and as shown above, some are carried in as part of a long procession. 

VIP persons tent, not sure who!

I'm not sure if this is Pres Mahama,
(Pres of Ghana, he was in attendance last year,
 otherwise some other policitician maybe)
Chiefs and Queen Mothers parade around the ground

Beautiful woman in the crowd
        Philippe and his wife went through some more ceremonies and were crowned this day.

Philippe and wife - day of crowning

Philippe and others (including grandson)

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