Elder & Sister Brown

Elder & Sister Brown

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Settling in...

We are starting to know our way around. We have been assigned to a district named Koforidua. It is a 2 hour drive from Accra, up in the mountains. A very pretty drive up some winding roads. The area is a bit cooler than Accra and less busy. On Saturday we were able to do some service at the local hospital, which was tidying up the gardens...with a machete, Rob gave it a go, I didn't last long, I was scared I was going to chop my leg off! and giving blood. After that we visited with the missionaries in the area and shopped at the markets, we saw fried bats on the menu, sorry no photo...and bought some local supplies.

On Sunday we attended the branch up here, a picture of the Koforidua chapel is below. Not many people drive, there were only about half a dozen cars in the car park. The Relief Society meeting was a bit different, as some of it was in Twi, the local language, the shoe was on the other foot now for me, with not being able to understand their language. Even though we all speak English, sometimes we don't think the African people are! It's quite different to the way we speak it.

This is our Branch President with his 2 counselors

Things are a little different here with the electricity being on a meter, gas from a bottle, water being filtered, we are still working on getting the internet connection to our address, we are kinda in the bush, as they call it here. Literally up a dirt track, you have to have a 4WD, although the taxis do come up there, don't ask me how...the roads are very heavily potholed.

A couple of photos coming back down the mountain! That is Accra spread out down below.

These cows appeared out of nowhere.

Last week we went to the temple in Accra with all the English speaking missionaries.

Ghana Temple  

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